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For Researchers

Transform your mHealth interventions with the power of Pathverse.

The features available in Pathverse incorporate behaviour change techniques and a user-friendly UX design to allow you to make top-quality programs for your target audience!

Content Delivery and Release Customization

Customize your study content the way you intend your participants to learn and complete relevant study information!

Create engaging content

Add content to your study modules for your participants to learn. You can include text, images, videos, and link to cards in your modules. Our easy-to-use drag and drop features enables you to create your study in no time!

Delivery logic

Schedule how and when your modules are released with our sophisticated delivery logic tools. Choose between completion-based logic, time-based logic, or a combination of the two for intervention studies. Level up your ecological momentary assessments with our daily diary release logic, deploying time-triggered surveys throughout the day.

Improve adherence

Customize Pathverse app push notifications when new modules and surveys are available.

Collect Survey Responses and Challenge Knowledge

Incorporate various survey cards into your intervention or ecological momentary assessments. Reinforce knowledge from information cards in the form of a challenge card- another way Pathverse makes mHealth engaging!

Data collection

Implement interactive surveys into your modules to collect data from your participants. Choose from multiple choice, number or Emoji slider, drop down menu, or open-ended text box survey functionalities.

Report results

Download survey completion data and survey answer data to level up your results. All data is reported from your participants respective timezone for effortless analysis.

Challenge knowledge

Provide feedback on learning and progress by designing interactive multiple choice questions. Reinforce important information to encourage positive behaviour change.

Empower Your Participants

Select from our various self-monitoring tools to include in your mHealth app. (6)

Take charge of behaviours

Choose from our extensive list of self-monitoring trackers, including: daily steps, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity minutes, and logs for weight, blood pressure, HbA1c, and waist circumference. Seamlessly integrate data from wearable devices compatible with Apple Health Kit and Google Fit.

Jot it down

Use our self-report exercise intensity journal to allow participants to create exercise journal. With this tool, participants are prompted to fill out whether the activity was high intensity (HIIT) or moderate intensity (MICT), their rating of perceived exertion (RPE), emoji-slider satisfaction about the activity, and any notes.

Level up your analysis

Select which self-monitoring tools you would like to use in your study. Then, choose if you would like to collect that self-monitoring data to include for your analysis. This data is available to download in a convenient csv file.

Features Grounded in Behaviour Change

Our features list is constantly growing. We offer custom feature build on a case-by-case basis. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is a feature you had in mind for your mHealth study!

Stay focused: set goals

Your participants are able to set personal goals for themselves. To promote successful completion of goals, participants are able to set a goal deadline, prioritize the goal based on personal preference or urgency, and set custom goal notifications for an additional nudge!

Assist in your participant’s journey

Goal setting can be an overwhelming skill to master. By using a preset goal card in your modules, you can assign goals for your participants to achieve. These goals will also show up on the goal setting page on the participant app!

Powered by Pathverse

The theme of your study can be customized, including the header images and the app theme colour. Further, we offer white label solutions, where we offer native apps powered by Pathverse.

Build community

With our chat feature, participants enrolled in a study are able to virtually communicate with each other through various forums. You, the study creator, can moderate these discussions and are also able to communicate with participants one-on-one through the Pathverse app.

Focus in full-screen

Break up written text and image content with a full screen video. These portrait videos can either be from a video website (i.e., Vimeo or YouTube) or from an mp4 file.

Go the extra mile

Use our evidence-based exercise programming to allow your participants to follow along through a guided exercise program. The participant selects the amount of time they have, their difficulty level, and whether they would like to do an aerobic or resistance exercise session- we worry about the rest!

Data Security

We follow the industry standard to ensure your data is secure.

Industry standard practices

Your data is stored on secure servers in Montreal, Canada and hosted by Amazon Web Services. Data is encrypted using 256-AES and we conduct regular backups. All Pathverse employees sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and have completed mandatory security awareness and information security training.

Your data is secure

We protect all data transfer by Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Data is transmitted between systems at secure API endpoints and secure network channels. All sensitive data is stored with de-identifiable ID’s.

Secure and scalable

We use cloud computing for maximum scalability.

HIPAA and PHIPA Compliant

Pathverse is compliant with both HIPAA and PHIPA. You may request a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) if required for your study.