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For Researchers

Transform your mHealth interventions with the power of Pathverse.

The features available in Pathverse incorporate behaviour change techniques and a user-friendly UX design to allow you to make top-quality programs for your target audience!

Content and Release Customization

Your study, your way!

  • Design your study content, including text, images, videos and links
  • Determine how and when your study content is released to your participants
  • Sophisticated delivery logic tools
  • Customize push notifications

Mastery Minute:

Surveys and Quizzes

Collect relevant study data!

    • Implement surveys to collect data from your users
    • Collect responses through multiple choice, Likert scale, or open-ended responses
    • Download relevant data in csv format to report results

Challenge knowledge

    • Provide feedback on learning and progress
    • Design interactive multiple choice-style questions
    • Reinforce important information to encourage positive behaviour change

Mastery Minute:


Take charge of behaviours!

  • Incorporate various self-monitoring tools to empower your users
  • Choose from our customized tool-kit of trackers, including:
    • Daily steps
    • Moderate-to-vigorous physical activity minutes
    • Weight tracker
    • Blood pressure log
    • HbA1c log
    • Waist circumference log
    • Self-report exercise intensity log

Goal Setting

Stay focused: set goals!

  • Enable your participants to set personal goals
  • Set deadlines for achievement
  • Prioritize goals based on personal preference and urgency
  • Allow notifications for an additional nudge

Engagement Analytics

Monitor, assess, evaluate!

  • Analyze participant engagement in your study
  • Collect and download lesson completion data

Mastery Minute:

Wearable Data

Stay ahead of the trend, track wearable data!

  • Seamlessly integrate wearable device data
  • Sync devices compatible with Apple Health Kit and Google Fit
  • Collect objective health data, such as daily steps