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What kind of dynamic programs can I create?

Create apps to promote health and wellbeing

Create apps to measure health and well-being

How does Pathverse work?

Pathverse is a mHealth development platform designed for health and wellness professionals and researchers. This platform consists of an Admin Web-Portal Interface and a participant Pathverse App (available in both IOS and Android store). The Admin Web-Portal Interface enables health professionals and researchers to design interactive mHealth apps by using our “point and click” feature. The changes made in the web-portal are immediately accessible by the participants in the Pathverse App. Our team designed this platform to help make mHealth app development more accessible.

Pathverse is created by researchers at the Digital Health Lab, University of Victoria. The Digital Health Lab focuses on conducting inter-disciplinary research to use digital technology to promote health and well-being. The Pathverse platform is created to help accelerate mHealth/digital health innovation. Pathverse is free to use by academic researchers and health practitioners. Pathverse is continuously being developed. Please reach out to us if you are interested in using the Pathverse for your research and/or organization.

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