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No code app builder for research and learning

What is Pathverse? 

The Pathverse is a “no-code” app development platform designed for researchers, educators and professionals. 


 What is a “no-code” development platform?

No code platform enables individuals to develop mobile apps through graphical user interfaces instead of traditional software programming. 


What kind of Apps can you make with Pathverse? 

  • Build customized behaviour interventions with various combinations of behaviour change techniques 
  • Conduct survey studies or Ecological Momentary Assessments 
  • Collect wearable data from Google and Apple Health

How does the Pathverse platform work?

Step 1

Researchers log in to the Pathverse research portal to design their mobile health study.

Surveys, self-monitoring tools, and goal-setting tools, can be customized and seamlessly integrated into each of the mobile health research studies.

Step 2

Consented participants can begin their study by simply downloading the Pathverse App from the app stores.

Step 3

Participants’ survey responses, and app usage data, can all be securely sent to the Pathverse research portal for the researchers to download and analyze.

Pathverse works seamlessly with third-party wearables, researchers can also access additional relevant study data such as daily steps, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Our Features

The Pathverse platform allows researchers to design a range of customized mobile health studies using the variety of easy to use tools available on the pathverse research portal.

Researchers have used the Pathverse platform to develop a variety of mobile health studies include:

Pathverse Features Descriptions
Content editor Customize the study content  text, images, videos and links
Delivery logic tool Determine how you would like to display your study content. You can show all the content all at once or display the content based on a set schedule
Survey You can implement a variety of survey response such as multiple choice, Likert scale questions, open ended responses.
Quiz Provide feedback on learning and progress through interactive quizzes
Self-monitoring Track steps, blood pressure and weight
Goal setting Enable participants to set personal goals
Engagement analytics Track participant’s engagement level with your mobile health study
Wearable data Download additional relevant study data from Apple and Google health such as daily steps.

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