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Changing Lives, One Study at a Time

Our Story

From idea…

Pathverse emerged from a mobile health research project at the University of Victoria. The goal of the project was to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of a mobile health intervention aimed to promote physical activity among families. This project led our team to develop the Pathverse platform – a mobile health intervention development platform. This platform enables researchers to prototype and deploy mobile app programs on both the Android and iOS app stores without previous software programming skills. 

…to a Tool Used Worldwide!

Over the past year, we have worked with researchers around the world to fine-tune the Pathverse platform through a series of usability testing and adding new features that are critical to conducting mobile health research. These features include downloading data from third-party wearables, integrating surveys into the mobile app intervention, and customizing intervention delivery logic. The Pathverse platform can help decrease the cost and time required to implement mobile health research. 

We Work With Researchers to Add Customized Features to Make It Easier to Conduct Mobile Health Research

Our Mission is to Accelerate Mobile Health Research