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Pathverse for Remote Patient Monitoring

Increase the quality of patient care through user-friendly remote monitoring tools and accessible wearable technology


Empower your patients to take charge of their health!

Incorporate various self-monitoring tools to customize your app:

Choose from our customized tool-kit of trackers, including:

  • Daily steps
  • Weight tracker
  • Blood pressure log
  • Diabetes blood sugar log
  • Waist circumference log
  • Exercise tracker

Wearable Data

Collect accurate data right from the source

One month until your next appointment? You can rely on data to remember the important things:

  • Seamlessly integrate wearable device data
  • Sync devices compatible with Apple Health Kit and Google Fit
  • Collect objective health data, such as daily steps

Real-Time Information Delivery

Improve health outcomes and enhance patient visits!

  • Ease the “first visit nerves” by delivering relevant clinic information, like where to park, what to bring, and what to expect
  • Provide info to patients when it makes sense- whether that’s before your first meeting or a progress update before the tenth visit!
  • Design take-home lessons and notes for patients to look over on their own time
  • Customize push notifications to remind your patients of the important things!


Collect information​ Vital to Patient Care

  • Implement surveys to collect data from your users
  • Collect responses through multiple choice, scales, or open-ended responses
  • Download relevant data in csv format to report results

Goal Setting

Patients stay focused and engaged

  • Enable your participants to set personal goals
  • Set deadlines for achievement
  • Prioritize goals based on personal preference and urgency
  • Allow notifications for an additional nudge