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Build EMA and adaptive behaviour interventions

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The Pathverse platform allows researchers to design a range of customized mobile health studies using the variety of easy-to-use tools available on the Pathverse research web portal.

Researchers have used the Pathverse platform to develop a variety of mobile health studies including:

What is Pathverse?

Pathverse is a “no code” app development platform designed for researchers, educators and professionals.

What is a “no code” development platform?

A no code platform enables individuals to develop mobile apps through graphical user interfaces instead of traditional software programming.

What kind of Apps can you make with Pathverse?

  • Build customized behaviour interventions with various combinations of behaviour change techniques
  • Conduct survey studies or Ecological Momentary Assessments
  • Collect wearable data from Google and Apple Health

How does the Pathverse platform work?

Step 1

Researchers log in to the web portal to design their mobile health study.

Step 2

Consented participants can begin their study by simply downloading the Pathverse App from their app store.

Step 3

Participants’ survey responses and app usage data are securely sent to the research web portal to be downloaded and analyzed.

Pathverse has accelerated health research for:

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