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Pathverse is the Essential No-Code App Builder for Research and Learning

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How Does the Pathverse Platform Work?

Feature Highlights

  • Deliver user-friendly mHealth behavior interventions
  • Set customized mHealth intervention delivery logic based on a wide range of tailoring variables
  • Integrate JITAI intervention with wearable data
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Delivered surveys to participants’ smartphones using fixed interval, random intervals or event based triggers.
  • Set push notification to remind participants of new surveys.
  • Flexible survey designs (e.g., Multiple choice, Dropdown, Number slider, Emoji slider, Text box, Scored surveys.
  • Allow participants to sync their wearable devices to the Pathverse app for study analysis
  • Compatible with Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, etc.
  • Ability to download a wide range of wearable data (e.g., steps, active minutes, etc.)
  • Set customized notification to remind participants about new surveys, intervention content or upcoming appointments
  • Notification can be set for a single participant or all participants belonging to a particularly group or intervention arm
  • Design customized self-monitoring tools for your participants (e.g., physical activity, blood pressure, weight, etc.)
  • Enable participants to set goals for behavior change
  • Design tailored goals based on participants’ needs
  • Integrate online forums to your intervention
  • Promote peer-support and community
  • Enable participants to post content anonymously

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