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Platform Features

Choose From a Selection of Comprehensive No-Code App Builder Tools

Platform Information

No-Code App Features

iOS/Android & Desktop Apps

The Pathverse mobile app is compatible with multiple devices

Native controls and interactive multimedia presented to your user

No-Code App Features

Multiple Language Support

We are compatible with all languages

Anonymous Enrolment

Participant gathered data without using real email

Remote Enrollment

Participants can enrol by downloading the App through App Store / Google Play

White Label Platform

We rebrand the platform for your organization’s needs

Track Study Progression

Track study completion and survey responses

Customized Mobile Health (mHealth) Intervention Design

Adaptive Intervention Delivery (JITAI)

Tailor content to a participant’s current contextual state

No-Code App Features

Deliver Behavior Interventions

Present various interactive multimedia content to participants including images, challenge and quiz cards, and full-screen video

Update In Real-Time

Iteratively gather user feedback from your participants to make interventions that your participants desire

Customize the Look and Feel

Personalize the look and feel of the app with theme customization

Schedule Push Notifications

Notify participants when new content is available. Participants can access a list of past notifications in one convenient location


Foster a sense of community by initiating topics related to content delivered


Keep track of participants self-diary

Customized Exercise Assessment & Questionnaires

Implement standardized exercise assessments including the 6-Minute Walk Test and the General Physical Activity Questionaire

Goal Settings & Reminders

Encourage participants to set S.M.A.R.T. goals or set personalized goals for your participants

Self-Monitoring Tools

Connect with wearable devices to allow participants to track their health outcomes
(physical activity, heart health, mental well-being, etc)

Customized Resources


Videos in one easy location

Data Collection

Ecological Mometary Assessments (EMA)

EMA notifications triggered by event and time based

Customized Surveys

Multiple choice


Number slider

Emoji slider

Text box

Scored surveys

App Usage

Monitor participant response rate in real-time

Summary of Questionnaires

Deliver questionnaires to your participants with scored values

Participants immediately see questionnaire results and can track changes over time

Wearable Data Integration

Integrated with consumer and research-grade wearable devices

Pairs with Apple Watch, Garmin, etc.

Data Security

HIPAA Compliant

Data Encryption

End-to-end encryption of participant data

Data Downloads

Detailed Usage Data

Data Download Customization (Wide + Long)


Customized App Development Sevices

We leverage the Pathverse platform architecture to develop native mobile
applications (iOS and Android). Our expertise and experience in app
development will ensure that your app is secure and scalable.

Digital Health
Content Creation Services

Our multi-disciplinary team of behavioural scientists, psychologists and UI/UX
designers can help create evidence-based and engaging digital health
content aimed to promote well-being. We have experience applying
behaviour change theories to create interactive health interventions as well
as adapting existing written and in-person interventions to virtual

Consulting and Evaluating Services

We have expertise in conducting usability testing, efficacy/effectiveness
studies and implementation and scalability evaluations. We offer
consultation services in developing, evaluating and disseminating mobile
health apps.