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Discover How Other Researchers Have Used the Pathverse Platform

to Conduct Efficient Mobile Health Research

``With the Pathverse platform, I was enabled to design and conduct a smartphone-based financial incentive physical activity program aimed to prevent hypertension (high blood pressure). I found the Pathverse platform super easy to use and without any software development experience, I was able to design and publish the study app by myself. I was able to focus on co-designing the program with my participants and evaluating program feasibility.``

— Amanda

MSc Graduate Student

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``This platform has allowed our research team to design several mobile health interventions to promote health and well-being without hiring a software team. This was extremely helpful for us to collect pilot data needed for a larger trial.``

— Sam


``I used the Pathverse platform to create a smartphone app program aimed at managing childhood obesity for families in B.C.. This app program complemented an existing in-person childhood obesity management program, called Generation Health. I was able to easily integrate surveys and fitness data for self-monitoring right into my app.``

— Keatton

Undergraduate Student

``I have been using the Pathverse Platform with my university research lab to design a mobile phone application for health behaviour change. Coming from someone who isn’t very technically savvy, I can say that using the platform has been very straightforward and offers several relevant customizations. The end-product has modern looks and interactions and is easy to use. A win-win for both researchers and end-users!``

— Heather

PhD Graduate Student