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Pathverse Co-Founder Sam Liu and Customer Experience Specialist Amanda Willms attended the CSEP conference in Fredericton, New Brunswick earlier this month! They met so many amazing researchers and health practitioners and were so thrilled to hear how many of you are looking to incorporate mobile apps into your research. If you didn’t have a chance to stop by our booth, here’s a summary of what we shared:

Pathverse Inc. was created as a spin-off in the Digital Health Lab at the University of Victoria, Canada. The platform was created by researchers, for researchers, and consists of a researcher web-portal and a participant mobile app. With Pathverse, you can create three types of apps:

1. Survey-based apps for data collection or ecological momentary assessment studies. Deliver studies to participants using textbox, numerical scale rankings (Likert scale), multiple choice, or drop-down survey features!

2. Intervention apps for various study lengths. Deliver educational content using various lesson release methods, including adaptive release based on physical activity metrics, or completion-based studies. Within these apps, you can copy and paste your text into each of the app pages, as well as include images, videos, and external links.

3. Participant management tools. Streamline your participant flow by delivering e-consent forms and manage lab visits with our study tracking dashboard. Send push notification reminders and any relevant information directly to your participants Smartphone prior to their next visit!

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