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Mark your calendars!

May 7, 2022

Henry La and Amanda Willms will be presenting and demo-ing Pathverse at the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologist’s Annual General Meeting on May 7th at 8:45am PST.


The objectives of the session are to:
  1. Discuss ways to use mobile health (mHealth) technology to promote health and well-being for Kinesiologists
  2. Discuss how Kinesiologists can use Pathverse to complement their practice. (What features would you like to see or are you already using?)
  3. Demonstrate how we have been using Pathverse, and what new features we are planning to add!

About the Presenters:

Henry La

Henry La

Co-Founder and Lead Developer

Henry is the co-founder of Pathverse and brings years of software development experience to the Pathverse team. Henry has been working to build the Pathverse platform to what it is today for the past two years and is excited to answer any technical questions you may have about the platform!

Amanda Willms

Amanda Willms

Growth and Operations

Amanda is a recent MSc in Kinesiology graduate from the University of Victoria. Amanda’s research interests are in physical activity promotion, and she used the Pathverse platform to design an eight-week exercise program to help prevent high blood pressure. With no coding experience, Amanda was able to efficiently create this program using Pathverse and now wants to share her experience with the platform to all those who will benefit!

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