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We are setting up a demonstration at ISBNPA. We intend for this demo to be passively participated in, meaning conference members are welcome to attend at their leisure to explore the wide range of apps that we have made with the “no-code” app builder platform.

The apps include:

  • Physical activity interventions aimed to prevent hypertension
  • Ecological momentary assessments to evaluate mental health
  • Physical activity promotion apps for families


Attending virtually? No worries! Virtual conference attendees will also be able to view the initiative via an interactive website.

When are we presenting?

The ISBNPA conference is held May 18-21 in Phoenix, USA.

We are scheduled to live demo and answer any questions:

Thursday May 18 2:15-4:15

How to find us?

We will be in-person at the conference and you can join us virtually.

For updates, follow us on social media

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